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Republican Candidate for Arizona Legislative District 13

My name is Josh Askey - I am a husband, father, community member. In addition to my faith and my family, my greatest treasure is my citizenship of this great country. I am a naturalized citizen, having been adopted from Seoul, Korea at the age of five.

My loving adoptive parents taught me well about this incredible country in which we live, and ever since my naturalization I have held a copy of the US Constitution in my possession. I have a deep love and respect for this document and the country for which it was created. As a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, I will hold the requirements of the United States Constitution and Arizona Constitution as my guiding principles to make sure all Arizona laws are fair, equitable, just and above all, constitutionally sound.


Shortly after graduating from college in 1995, I moved to Arizona where my first job was in downtown Chandler, working for a locally owned relocation company. Today I am the Controller for a locally owned real estate developer.  From my first job to the present one, I have witnessed firsthand the intensely hard work of business ownership and the true meaning of entrepreneurship. I believe our state is as successful as it is because of the ingenuity and sacrifices of those that follow their dreams, who contribute to the bedrock of opportunity that is our State of Arizona. As a member of the House of Representatives, I will work hard to preserve those opportunities, and to clear the hurdle for even more individuals to not just pursue their ambitions, but to be successful as job creators and opportunity givers.

Another great outcome of my move to Arizona was I met my wife, Lisa. We have been married for 23 years and have three incredible sons. All three of our boys have attended Chandler public schools - our first two have graduated from Basha High School and have gone on to serve missions for our church and attend college. Our youngest is currently flourishing at Basha High School both academically and athletically. We are incredibly pleased - proud even - of the exceptional education they have been offered in our public schools.  I believe strongly in education and support the opportunities that our state provides through school choice. As a member of the House of Representatives, I will fight for continued funding and increased opportunities for our students, parents, teachers and schools.

My name is Josh Askey, and I am running for the House of Representatives in Arizona Legislative District 13. I look forward to meeting you, speaking with you about your concerns for our state, and earning your vote in the Arizona Primary on August 2, 2022.

Warmest Regards,

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Education & Professional Experience

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Controller for a local real estate development company

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Community Service

Chandler Schools Helping Hands Caring Hearts

Chandler Museum Foundation Board Member

City of Chandler Museum Advisory Board Member

Worked on Arizona Governor Brewer's Accounting Team

Soccer Coach Volunteer, recreational and club

Political Involvement

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AZGOP Assistant Treasurer

Republican Party State Committeeman

Maricopa County Republican Committee Member-at-Large

Republican Party Precinct Committeeman 

Please JOIN US!


Thank you so much for all your support and taking the time to sign my petition! I made the ballot with 1045 signatures - most of any candidate for LD13! YOU did that!


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I'd love to meet you and your family and friends! Please consider hosting a Neighborhood Meet & Greet - I want to share my platform and intentions as your next LD13 State Representative! 

Please click the photo above to schedule your Neighborhood Meet & Greet today. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Thanks for submitting!

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